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Are You Ready To Do A Craft Show?

by Mary Harvey

In the last newsletter, we discussed how to choose a craft show. This week, we will help you determine if you are ready to do a show, and how to go about applying for one.

I remember my first show - the feeling you get when you make your first sale is incredible. It can become addicting. However, doing craft shows is a lot of work. Before you apply for any shows, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • 1. Do you have the time to do a show?
  • Craft shows will take up a whole day, sometimes more depending on the show. From setup to tear-down, the day can be very long. If you attend a show, you are expected to be there for the entire show. If you leave early, you may not be asked back in future years.
  • 2. Does the product you are going to sell stand out from the competition?
  • If you have a product that is different from what everyone else is selling, you will have a better chance of having a good show. If there are a lot of jewelers at a show, DON’T compare your prices with those of others. Price your work according to your pricing formula, not by what other’s are selling for.
  • 3. Do you have a nice variety of items? 
  • You need to have a good choice of items for the customer. Have pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. The more choice the customer has, the better. 
  • 4. Do you have sufficient inventory?
  • Depending on the size and duration of the show, you need to have sufficient inventory to get you through the show. The more inventory, the better
  • 5. Will you have help?
  • You can do a show by yourself, but it’s so much easier to have someone there with you to help you run the booth. When nature calls, you don’t want to leave your booth unattended. Some shows have booth-sitters available for these instances.
  • 6. Do you have the ability to accept credit cards?
  • You will make more sales if you have the ability to take credit cards. People are more willing to buy an expensive piece of jewelry if they can use plastic.
  • 7. Can you make jewelry on the spot, or can you demonstrate your craft? 
  • People are fascinated with jewelry, especially with how it’s made. Learn how to make simple pendants, rings, earrings, etc. while people watch. Your customers will love to see their piece of jewelry made right before your eyes, and you will have a lot of curious people around your booth if you put on a demonstration.
  • 8. Do you have the supplies that you need to do a show?
  • This will be covered in the next newsletter.

Applying for a show:

So you’ve determined that you want to do a show. How do you apply for one? 

Hopefully, you have contacted some promoters and gotten some applications. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. If the application asks for slides, don’t send pictures, and vice-versa. Make sure that the images you send are the best quality. Like they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure that the info and photos you send are clear and complete. Fill out all the requested information, including the sales tax info, if requested, and get the application in early. And don’t forget that the show fees are usually not refundable if you don’t show up.

NEXT TIME: What supplies do I need to do a craft show?

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