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Predicting Jewelry Trends for 2013


Mary Harvey

Those of us who make jewelry do so because we enjoy it.  We love to use our imaginations and create one of a kind pieces.  Even though our jewelry is unique, we are still subject to fashion trends.  One year, yellow gemstones and big bangle bracelets may be the hot item.  Other years, it may be cameos and dainty necklaces.  How can you predict what will sell this year?  Here are some ideas to help you “look into that crystal ball” and determine what the jewelry trends will be:

  • Watch TV - check out what women are wearing on the popular TV shows or at the awards shows.  This is a great predictor of jewelry trends.
  • Page through fashion magazines - take note of what the models are wearing for jewelry. Pay particular attention to colors, not only of jewelry, but clothing and accessories. 
  • Check out trade publications, like the Jewelry Information Center or National Jeweler,  Colored Stone Magazine, or visit trade shows, like Tucson
  • Visit the jewelry department in department stores and see what they are selling.
  • Keep track of what your customers are asking for.  They may have ideas of trends that you may not have thought of yet.

The Jewelry Information Center and National Jeweler both have great articles on jewelry trends, and interviews with top designers.  Also, a quick Google search on “Jewelry Trends 2013” will return many great resources for finding out what people are buying, what will be popular, and will give you insight on styles and colors.  A little bit of research can go a long way with helping you make jewelry that will really sell this season.


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